Tenont is a fictional small French town for the Omsi bus simulator game. This map contains objects, reminiscent of French villages. It’s currently in beta. The map is based on Grundorf. We’ve added a few features, see below, to make it look closer to a real bus network.

The map is fictitiously located near Paris. This city is close to several other villages. These villages will, in the next versions, be run by Express lines. Tenont will also have an LHNS line (High Level Service Line), which will correspond to line 601. The city streets will soon have their own dedicated lanes for buses.


  • Map name: Tenont
  • Map type: fictitious
  • Version: 0.5 (beta)
  • Number of lines: 4
  • Lines:
    • 601 Village farm <> Hospital
    • 602 G. Brassens School <> Hospital
    • 603 RER station <> RER station
    • N61 RER station <> Hospital